Welcome to the Skydiving Articles section of the Freefall University Online. This reference contains articles written by skydivers from Europe. We hope that you find it a useful resource. Over time we will be publishing material that will be useful to both people contemplating learning to skydive and those who already are skydivers. The intent is not to be definitive on any given subject , but rather to give you an introduction and where appropriate we ´link out ´to relevant sites. Freefall University Students have contributed to this site.

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Want to Fly Free ?

Of interest to people who are thinking of learning to skydive and those recently qualified this articles talks about Freeflying and what the route to becoming qualified under the British Parachute Associations system is . Learn about Freeflying >>>


An introduction to sky surfing

Many people ask us about how they can become a skysurfer, Lamorna introduces you to the basics and we link to relevant sites.

. Skysurfing >>>

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